Peaches for Weight Loss

Peaches for weight loss

You can eat peaches for weight loss. Peaches, a member of the rose family contain 8.4 grams of carbohydrates and 36 kcal of Calories per medium size. Its fat is 0.1 gram, Fiber is 1.7 gram, and protein is 1.1 gram. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a person who consumes 2,000 calories a day ought to take 250 grams of carbohydrates.

Peaches for Weight Loss

When added to one’s diet, peaches supply the needed fluid requirements of the body, and its sugary flavor when ripe can make food more palatable. But, these are not the primary reasons why peaches can help one to lose weight.
The carbohydrate and sugar content in a peach makes it efficient in satisfying one’s hunger and satiating the sweet cravings. After eating, an individual feels full because the peach can suppress the appetite. This feat is supported by the presence of fiber in peaches and all fruits. That is why you can eat peaches for weight loss.

Fiber is a substance heavier than carbohydrates and proteins. When it comes to digestion, the body takes time in breaking down the fiber. Hence, it remains in the stomach for a longer period, making people feel full longer.

Suppressing the appetite is not a new tactic in weight loss programs. In suppressing the appetite, people are less likely inclined to eat because hunger is not felt. Thus, the body does not take in more carbohydrates and calories except during mealtime, when individuals normally eat. Suppressing the appetite is the approach behind most weight loss supplements and diet pills. Its efficiency is tested.

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Overweight and obesity can be attributed to excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which are generally what compose the foods people eat. While carbohydrates are indeed helpful in producing the energy essential for the body to go through a day’s load of activities, too much of them can lead to weight gain. Without carbohydrates, foods are not very satisfying and filling. The body relies on carbohydrates to be converted into energy. However, more than them, the body stores the carbohydrates as fats.

Insulin, also known as the hunger hormone, is produced naturally by the human body. Its role is best appreciated in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Nevertheless, like the excess carbohydrates, an excess of insulin can also result in gaining weight. Insulin is at its peak production when carbohydrates are present.
The role of insulin does not end here, though. As an enzyme, it sends a signal to the body that it should take food. Once the body gave in to such message, it then sends another signal to store the food energy into fat. To put is simply, an exuberance production of insulin leads to high impulse to eat, and makes the body store the foods as fats.

Many people gain weight because they eat too much or more than what their body needs. Another reason for that is when the body is mostly sedentary. Individuals who are active physically are less likely to gain weight even when they consume foods high in calories and carbohydrates because their body is in a constant process of converting the food energy by burning calories and carbs. In comparison, a person who does not move often has a slow process of burning food energy.
For a natural way of losing weight, try integrating peaches into one’s diet. Peaches can be eaten raw or be an ingredient in fruit salads. Their juices can also be extracted using a juicer.

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Ssmoothie Peaches RecepiePeach Smoothie Recipe


1 cup skim milk
1 2 peaches
2 teaspoons flax seed oil


In a blender, combine milk and peaches until smooth. Add flax seed oil and blend well.

Calories: 213 calories

Peaches 101 – Health Benefits of Peaches

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