Self acceptance


What is self acceptance?

With self-acceptance you are happy with whom you are now. Is being loving to you. Is to approve whom you are. All parts of you, even the ones that dislike you. It means being nonjudgmental toward you. To have self-love.

Self-acceptance is a choice. Because you decide to accept yourself unconditionally despite of your deficiencies. The truth is that we all have negative feelings regarding ourselves. For many years I wasn’t aware of my lack of acceptance. In general I could say that I accepted myself. However, I always found something I didn’t love.

This attitude kept me stuck in many areas. I couldn’t move on in my life. I suffered a lot of stress and tension.

There are two steps to accept yourself:

  1. Make the choice. You have to make a decision.
  2. The next step is awareness. It will help you to observe yourself and life free from judgment. It enables you to see yourself as you truly are, for better and for worse. When you are aware that you have a problem you solve it. There are many areas were you could become more aware of that you dislike, your body, relationships, personality or career.

Acceptance is an important step toward having a healthy self-esteem , it will help you to be focus in loving what you like and at the same time changing whatever you want to change.

Stop comparing yourself and your achievements to others, and acknowledging your skills or the lack of them. This will bring inner peace and happiness.

To acknowledge your good and bad habits and traits will alleviate feelings of dissatisfaction, anger, resentment or unhappiness.

  • Learning how to be more compassionate toward ourselves.
  • Letting Go of Guilt and to Forgive Ourselves.
  • Knowing our strengths , week ness , beliefs and motivation.

“I accept myself because I’m alive and have the capacity to enjoy my existence. I am not my behavior.

I can rate my traits and my behavior, but it is impossible to rate something as complex as my ‘self.’

My self consists of innumerable traits, not just this one. I strive for achievement only to enhance the enjoyment of my existence, not to prove my worth.

Failing at any task cannot make me a failure. I can choose to accept myself even if am unwilling or unable to change my ‘character
defects’ because there is no law of the universe that says I can’t.

My approval of myself cannot come from pandering to any external source or bowing external authority.

My self acceptance can only come from me, and I am free to choose
it at any time”. by Nick Rajacic.

Use this quotes to build your self esteem and gain your own approval .


Seeing yourself as you really are is the essential beginning to becoming who you want to be. Try self acceptance hypnosis download and make a difference in your life

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I have had problems accepting myself because of choices I have made in the past, but now I know that I have to let them go and acceptance myself faults and all. Leslie Bennett

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