10 Benefits of Yoga

10 benefits of yoga

Yoga is often recommended by doctors because it is considered as beneficial for health. However, many people are not aware of the exact benefits of Yoga. In this article, we will discuss some major benefits of Yoga. We will also guide you about what is enough time to do yoga in a day. We discuss the legitimacy of online Yoga Schools also.

Is 20 minutes of Yoga a day enough? . It is a very popular question that is 20 minutes of Yoga a day enough? Well, if we take a look at today’s busy life routine, the short answer to this question is YES. According to doctors and medical science, Yoga is highly beneficial for health, it means that the more we do it, the more we will get the benefits. But this theory is not completely true. See, if you are doing yoga for 2 hours daily, it impossible or difficult to maintain this routine daily. On the other hand, if you are doing Yoga for 20 minutes daily, you can easily maintain your routine. For this reason, we can say that 20 minutes of Yoga a day is enough than 2 hours of Yoga a day. The 20 minutes of Yoga means a short session of Yoga, and you can do this short session many times a day or alternative days.

You are probably thinking about how we may do yoga for less time and get more benefits? Well, for supporting our argument, we would like to discuss some facts here:

  1. If you want to make Yoga as your habit, 20-minute short sessions are very helpful:

In today’s busy routine life, it is impossible to do Yoga for 2 hours a day. For this reason, many people leave it shortly after starting. However, if people start with short sessions (20-minutes), they can easily make Yoga as their habit. This fact is also proven by expert clinicians like Dr. Chattergee and BJ Fogg. They believe that when people start with short sessions of Yoga, they become more consistent and get more benefits.

  1. Benefits of 20-minutes short sessions of Yoga from a research perspective:
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According to a research study done back in 2012, 1000 Yoga students performed Yoga for short sessions (20-minutes). The results were amazing, the students get enormous benefits like improved mindfulness, improved BMI, Improved sleep quality, and less fatigue. In another study, 600 people have practiced Yoga for just 18 minutes a day. The people have reported improved bone health, focus, and working memory.

10 Benefits of Yoga

Following are some major benefits of Yoga:

1.     Flexibility Improvement

In the early days of Yoga, you will be unable to touch your toes or do a backbend. However, after 5-6 classes, you will start doing both these practices easily. You will experience a large amount of improvement in your body flexibility as a result of continuous Yoga classes. In the early days of Yoga, you will feel aches and pains but after some time everything will be okay.

2.     Perfect Posture

You will get a perfect posture in the result of Yoga for few days. In your daily routine life, you could experience many issues with your posture. But with help of Yoga, you will get a balanced head over an erect spine. Your neck and spine have to do very much less work to support your back muscles. Yoga will improve your posture and eliminates all kinds of posture-related problems such as neck, muscle, or joint problems.

3.     Strengthens your muscles

Yoga will strengthen your muscles. It will protect the muscles from different diseases such as back pain and arthritis, particularly in older people.

4.     Increases the blood flow

Impaired or slow blood flow can cause many dangerous conditions such as heart failure, stroke or muscle inflammation, etc. Yoga increases your blood flow in distant parts of your body like hands and feet. It also increases the uptake of oxygen by body cells in the result of which they perform more efficiently.

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5.     Improves heart rate

In normal conditions, your heart rate is usually slow and you can’t get enough oxygen from the air. In the case of Yoga, your heart rate increases considerably and your body will get more oxygen. It is reported by several research studies, that Yoga can prevent many cardiovascular conditions like heart failure or stroke.

6.     Helpful in maintaining a healthy blood pressure

If you are suffering from a high blood pressure condition, Yoga is the best choice for you. According to the research studies done on people suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure), Yoga can drop your blood pressure and maintain healthy blood pressure. It is found that after 20-minutes of Yoga for three months regularly, you can drop your systolic blood pressure by 26 points and diastolic blood pressure by 15 points.

7.     Lowers Blood Sugar

Yoga is very beneficial for people suffering from Diabetes a it can lower down the blood sugar and LDL (bad) cholesterol. Yoga can also boost HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the body.

8.     Encourages the weight loss

Through Yoga, you can burn unnecessary fat from your body in a short time. For this reason, Yoga is a very good option for weight loss.

9.     Improves your focus and memory

Many people are suffering from poor focus and concentration in the world. Yoga can improve focus, mental concentration, and working memory in a short time.

10.  Gives you a happier life

With all other benefits, you can enjoy a happy life with a healthy body, thanks to Yoga.

Is Online Yoga School Legit?

Online Yoga School is the major source for the people to learn yoga in their home. There is a very big controversy about the legitimacy of Online Yoga School. To answer this question in short words, we can say that some Online Yoga Schools are legit while some are scams. Now the question is, how you can be sure that the Online Yoga School is legit from which you are learning Yoga? Well, we have a tip for you in this regard. Always choose such an online yoga school, Yoga Alliance (a US Yoga organization), Brett Larking Yoga Teacher Training Program and Yoga Online where you can get 50% Off Monthly Elite Online Yoga Packages  . The Online Yoga School which are certified from these two organizations are legit while others are likely to be a scam.

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Yoga is highly beneficial for health. Many short sessions (20-minutes) of Yoga are more beneficial than long sessions as it is proven in research perspective. We have also discussed some major benefits of Yoga. The legitimacy of online yoga school can be assured by checking their certification of Yoga Alliance and Brett Larking Yoga Teacher Training.


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