Pilates – Get Long Lean Muscles & Core Strength


The surging popularity of pilates, often done together with yoga, has aroused the curiosity of many people wanting to rev up their bodies for both fun and wellness. Beginners need to rely on experts, who may gladly share and point out that while pilates and yoga do share some exercises (both stretch the body and require the right breathing techniques), they are different.

Novice exercise buffs may refer to an illustrated instructional guide, like Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies, to learn about the basic principles, mat work and other equipment that can be utilized to learn to develop core muscles. Pilates, as any newbie will discover, may make use of large equipment like pulleys or reformer home gym system, or simpler tools like bands, balls, and of course, the mat. There are numerous pilates equipment retailers online. Pilates trainers may also refer you to sporting goods stores for basic equipment.

A pilates program may offer myriad benefits, notably flexibility and core strength. It stands out from other forms of exercises since it adopts a holistic approach and trains both mind and body. Over time, a person learns to take control of his/her body. Basic Pilates may be done under the supervised guidance of a trained expert, who will beforehand look into the exerciser’s medical history, lifestyle, mental and physical make-up before devising a program tailor-fitted for that person. Pilates does not zero in on spot problem areas but focuses on the whole body. People taking up Pilates will also note that every movement is deliberate and demands concentration.

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Yet it can be fun and worth all the energy expended since people obtain stress relief and feel rejuvenated by following a pilates class. Regular pilates can also help deter aging by keeping crucial core muscles strengthened. Moreover, it can help ease joint problems and back pains. Intermediate and advance levels  may burn lots of calories, making it a preferred exercise option for many.

One of the interesting Pilates programs suited for the neophyte exerciser or more experienced fitness buff is the Mari Winsor Pilates. Pilates instructor and author Mari Winsor has compiled her dynamic sequencing  workouts into a video. It aims to teach Pilates enthusiasts to undertake a series of controlled movements 20 minutes a day, thrice a week only.

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