Relaxation Techniques

relaxation techniques

Everyone suffers from stress. And the stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, emotions and minds. Feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day, the best thing to do is to relax.

Our thoughts determine our feelings or emotions and to improve our self-esteem we have to alter how we feel about ourselves. When we change our emotions and feelings we change the way we feel about ourselves.

Watching television may be a form of relaxation for some, but is not the best recommended method. When we watch TV we are bombarded with commercials and sometimes by images of violence. So how do we achieve relaxation?.

Relaxation Benefits

One of the benefits of relaxation is that helps to overcome stress and tension , as a result your physical and mental health will improve. Another benefit of relaxation techniques is that helps you to be in the present moment and appreciate the simple things in life.

When you relax you can be conscious and present, you become peaceful and grateful. Start enjoying and living a happy life free of stress .

Relaxation is the absence of tension in your body and in your mind. When you are relaxed there is no tension in muscle groups and there is an absence of inner chatter in your mind.

Among other benefits of relaxation is that is the most effective method to achieve mental health. It is the best antidote to overcome stress. You can create harmony with yourself.

  • To feel calmer, happier and more energetic. Therefore you self esteem will increase.
  • To decrease heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.
  • To slow down your rate of breathing, witch means to reduce the need for oxygen, increase blood flow to the muscles and decrease muscle tension.
  • To have better sleep. You will wake up more energetic and optimistic. You are ready to start your day more positive.
  • To smooth emotion and as a consequence: less anxiety, anger and frustration.
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In my experience the key to use relaxation techniques is to incorporate them as a lifestyle. Like brushing your teeth, for example. There are several techniques such as meditation, yoga, a massage, a bath, music.

Relaxation techniques helps building self esteem because when you are relax and calm you feel good about yourself and life in general.

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are. Chinese Proverb

5 Relaxation Techniques for building self esteem

  1. Yoga Relaxation Techniques. Yoga is more than just a practice for the body it incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of life. Some psychological benefits of yoga that will help building your self esteem are : self acceptance, mood improvement and decrease of anxiety and depression .
  2. Breathing Relaxation Techniques: Breathing influences almost all aspects of us. It affects our mind, our moods and our body. Simply focus on your breathing, after some time you can feel its effects right away. There are several breathing techniques that can help you reduce stress. One that is really effective is 7-11 Breathing Exercise.
  3. Exercise Relaxation Techniques. Any exercise like aerobics will make you feel good and relax. Practice any kind of physical exercise daily, at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  4. Massage Relaxation Techniques. To gain full relaxation, you need to totally surrender to the professional therapist. Or you can try Massage download and experience the amazing power of your own mind to make you feel beautifully relaxed.
  5. Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques: It is a good alternative for people who think that they have no idea what it feels like to be relaxed. Hypnosis is one the best way to relax because you will be guided step by step. It is also a good alternative for people who suffer severe stress and related health problems.
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These relaxation techniques are just some of the ways you can achieve relaxation. Another reason why we need to relax, aside from building self esteem is to lower blood pressure and decrease the chances of a stroke or a heart attack. Stress produces hormones that suppress the immune system. Relaxation gives the immune system time to recover and in doing so function more efficiently.

Relaxation lowers the activities within the brains’ limbic system; this is the emotional center of our brain. Furthermore, the brain has a periodic need for a more pronounced activity on the right-hemisphere. Relaxation is one way of achieving this.

Relaxation can really be of good use once a relaxation technique is regularly built into your lifestyle. Choose a technique that you believe you can do regularly and start improving your self esteem.

Relaxation ‘Power Naps’
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Four 15-minute deep relaxation sessions for that mid-day ‘power nap’.

Relaxation Hypnosis Downloads

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