Assertiveness Books

Assertiveness is to have the ability to respond to other people maintaining one’s rights while respecting other people rights.

The best assertiveness books. Visit the Amazon bookstore. Find help you to be more assertive. The books listed below offer different approaches for building assertiveness.

List of Books

by Manuel J. Smith.
Many of us seem to have great difficulty in simply saying “NO” to request made of us or even invitations to us. You and I and most of the rest of the populations are trained to be responsive to manipulative emotional control as soon as we are able to speak and understand what other people tell us. Learn the answers in when to say “NO”, without feeling quilty from the best-seller with revolutionary techniques for getting your own way.


by William Ury.






Find out more about assertiveness, keep track of your grouwth.
What does it means to be assertive?.

Learn how to set goals for yourself, how to think assertively.

Start building assertive relationships

Live  an assertive life

Discover assertiveness  practice situations.


According to Babcock and Laschever , women don’t ask for what they want and need in the workplace and end up suffering financially, earning less than their male .

To help women learn to negotiate, the authors have devised a four-phase program of strategies and exercises to determine what you want, what you’re worth and how to increase your bargaining power.

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