Self Hypnosis Downloads For Fears

hypnosis dowload for fears

Self-hypnosis is a physiological state of mind that can be described as an enhanced concentration. You will then change your thoughts, start bad habits and take care of yourself along with rest and relaxation from daily life. It’s like meditation and makes you happier.

Most people have some form of phobia or extreme fear. As humans, we’re naturally afraid of something that could hurt us. Most phobias are established behavioural habits, indicating that you have been conditioned to fear something somewhere in the past. You could have felt fear yourself, or else you could have felt the terror of someone else, which may affect your feelings. The great thing about the actions we have learned is that we can retrain and unlearn our brains.

Does hypnosis downloads really work? yes, self hypnosis downloads really work. In general, it’s advisable to listen to a single hypnosis recording daily. The best time is to listen at night. If you take public transportation, you can listen while during your morning or evening commute – as long as you aren’t driving.

Psychological Reasons For fears

What are the reasons for the things you worry about? Why are people scared of bugs or bumps in the night? Why does the idea of presenting a group cast you into an anxiety realm? Well, this is something that happens when we find something which we can’t understand, control, or think is harmful to us.

We have two major reasons for having fears:

Natural Fears. The natural ones are the ones with which we have been born. It’s natural to be afraid if you end up with a massive lion that can potentially harm you. Then, when some negative thing happens in the past, we become fearful of it happening again, there will be conditions of fear. What is the reason for this? Well, it’s a wrong answer to something because our brain enlightens us to think that similar circumstances can lead to the same result.

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Conditional Fears. We usually have to be afraid of what has been told is negative. We have these beliefs and fears ingrained in us over time, whether these things are people or places or things. We don’t maybe afraid of others ‘different beliefs, but because you might be raised to believe that someone or something is harmful, even if you never interacted with those things, you will be afraid.

Self Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Fears

Hypnotherapy works well, achieving a root cause and changing at the core level, with most phobia and fears. To release your fear, use these self-hypnosis techniques:

  • Go to a quiet room where no distractions are present. Sit or sit, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.
  • Start breathing through your nose, through your mouth, slowly and deeply. Respire any tension in your body and allow yourself to relax with every slow exhaustion. Follow this pattern of breathing until your mind is quiet and calm.
  • Imagine you are watching a full screen with movements showing a time when the seeds occurred in your past if you feel relaxed. You can see at the root of your phobia the sequence of events.
  • You may be anxious to watch this event: make sure you see it from a safe place. Allow your mind to lead and control you. Affirm that while viewing the photos, you feel safe and secure.
  • During your seeding event’s images, you breathe very slowly and deeply, and you breathe away negative feelings with every slow breath. If you cry at this point, that’s all right; say you release the fear in your mind.
  • Take all the time to do this and continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Feel relaxed, safe and controlled as you watch.
  • Imagine the screen changing to black and white as you realize the anxiety has gone. See the image slowly fade away, so that the screen becomes blank. The explanation for this dilemma is now that you are very distant from yourself as if it no longer belongs to you.
  • When you’re able, your full awakening consciousness can be recovered by up to 10. Just imagine that with each number you wake up, and with ten your eyes open. In doing so, it is essential to say that every part of you is back in the present, although your phobia is not part of and is forever the underlying problem that has been triggered by it.
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 Final Words

In self-hypnosis, persistence, perseverance and determination are all important elements that you need to alter.

Need help with specific fears? Check the following self-hypnosis mp3’s and overcome your fears now!!

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Single self hypnosis sessions downloads

Related questions

Is downloading hypnosis legit?

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Yes, Hypnosis downloads are legit, and work even better when created by a suitably qualified person.  Hypnosis downloads are good for anyone who doesn’t need or want personalized counseling , or  those who like self-help, prefer to be in control of their session, or do not have too much time to go for an in person session.

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