What is Self Care? (Examples)

what is self care

Self Care is one of the hottest topics nowadays but unfortunately, it is often poorly explained.. The literary meaning of Self Care is to take care of yourself in different aspects of life but it is a much broader term than its literary meanings. Self Care can be defined as the group of activities and efforts that we do deliberately with the purpose of taking care of our Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and for the improvement and well-being of our social, practical, and professional life. It looks like a simple concept but it involves all of our daily routine activities which we do for the well-being of our life.

What Does Self Care mean?. In simple words, Self Care means all the activities, works, efforts, and tasks which we perform in our daily routine life for our well-being. These activities are deliberate in nature, for example, we brush our teeth daily to keep them clean and strong. It is an example of Self Care activity. Self Care is very important for maintaining optimal health and a healthy routine life. It looks like that self-care is a selfish state, but it is not true. Self Care is actually a process of taking care of your life and health and being subsequently able to take care of others. If you are healthy and fit, you can easily take care of others.

7 Types of Self Care

There are 7 major types of Self Care. We will discuss them one by one with the help of examples.

1. Emotional Self Care

Emotional Self Care is strongly related to the psychological self-care. Emotional Self-care is the type of self-care in which we make a connection with our emotions and process them in a positive and healthy way. For making a connection with our emotions, we rely on our specific actions. Emotional Self Care is very important for our psychological health. Emotional Self Care is actually our ability to regulate our emotions and difficult feelings.

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  • Your effort to calm down in the state of anger is an example of Emotional Self Care. In this process, you are actually positively processing your anger emotion.
  • Journaling is another example of Self Care, in which you write down your emotions and feelings to understand them.

2. Physical Self-Care

Physical Self-Care is actually a general representation of Self Care because whenever we hear the word self-care, we take it in the sense of physical self-care. Any activities, actions, and tasks that we perform deliberately for enhancement and improvement of our physical health are regarded as Physical Self-Care.


  •  For example, going for a walk or jogging is the best example of physical self-care because you do both these activities to keep your body fit and healthy.
  • Taking a nap is another example of physical Self-care.

3. Mental Self-Care

Mental Self-Care is strongly related to your mental health. It is defined as anything you do or take to improve your mental health and stimulate your mind by improving your psyche. Mental self-care has the same importance as Physical Self-Care.


  • For example, reading your favorite book for calmness and stimulation of your mind is Mental Self-Care.
  • Listening to music is another example of Mental Self-Care because it can provide your mind with peace and joy.

4. Social Self-Care

Humans are social animals and they need a regular and strong relationship with others for their proper social nurturing. Social Self-Care is a group of activities that we do to improve and strengthen our relationships with others. Social self-care is the best way of getting rid of hectic and overwhelming conditions. Social Self-Care is very important for the development of our personality.

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  • Hosting a party with your friend is a Social Self-Care because you will get a chance to interact with your friends and making strong relationships with them.
  • Regular phone calls to your loved ones is another example of Social Self-Care.

5. Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual Self-Care has a direct relationship with the nurturing of your soul. Spiritual Self-Care encompasses all the activities which you perform to stay connected with your soul for its nurturing. Connecting with your inner spirit is the fundamental aspect of Spiritual Self-Care.


  • For example spending your time at a place full of nature is an example of Spiritual Self-Care because you nurture your soul with the beauty of nature.
  • Prayers and worships are some other examples of Spiritual Self-Care because through them, you connect to your inner spirit to identify your God.

6. Practical Self-Care

Practical Self-Care includes all the practical activities and daily routine works which you do to fulfill your core needs and the source of joy or happiness. Practical Self-Care involves everything you do in your daily routine life to satisfy yourself. Your regular duties are actually a type of Practical Self-Care.


  • For example, meeting with your client is one of your daily activities and important to meet your core needs, hence is an example of Practical Self-Care.
  • Preparing your meal is an example of Practical Self-Care because eating food is one of your core needs which you have to fulfill after all.

7. Professional Self-Care

Professional Self-Care is completely related to the well-being of your career. It is a group of activities and actions which you perform to bring balance in your career. Fulfilling your career aims is an example of Professional Self-Care.

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  • Setting your Milestones is a very good example of Professional Self-Care such as reading 10 pages per day of a book to complete it in a certain time.
  • Spending some time with your mentor to get inspiration is another example of Professional Self-Care.


We have discussed Self-Care in detail. Self-Care is actually a group of activities or actions which we perform for the well-being of different aspects of our life such as mental, emotional, physical and professional, etc. We have discussed the 7 major types of Self-Care with the examples also.

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