Emotion of Regret

emotion regret

Regret – Don’t Speak Out Unnecessary Things

The definition of the word regret is to feel sorry for or feel remorse for. Most people do one thing like they speak something they do not mean and then feel sorry.

At times, the person tries to be witty, speaks out without thinking in the first instance or just tells something for the participation sake. A lot of individuals try to conquer this way of speaking but find it hard to leave it.

Don’t speak unwanted things and feel sorry later:

Think twice before you say something. It will affect your life very miserably. As the proverb says “ Don’t cry over spilt milk” do not put unwanted words out and regret later on.

Some of the ways to come out from regret are:

  • Learn to speak less: The chances you speak something unwanted will be reduced when you converse less and you will not regret later. Silence helps you to overcome regrets.
  • Listen before you say something: Before you speak out stay quiet and listen to what others have to say instead of telling something you will feel sorry afterwards. When you pay attention to what other person has to say it will give you the chance to think and respond wisely.
  • Give time for others: Before you respond to others wait for a minute so that you make sure the person has ended the talk. In this way you can think better and give them an appropriate answer. In this way you avoid to regret later.
  • Speak about something in common: You may be having all that you want but do not talk much about yourself alone. If you do so then the person who speaks to you may think that you are proud. Try to understand other people’s feeling and talk more about general things in that situation. Otherwise you may feel sorry for it later.
  • Concentrate on the reply: The emotions like anger and frustration can make you utter some words that you might be sorry later on. First listen to what others have to say, focus on their thoughts and use your skill to control emotions and yourself. Concentrate on the reply from the other individual and answer wisely.
  • Have a second thought before you say something: By now you should have understood how to overcome this emotion you should have a strong aspiration not say something you might regret later. You now know that you have to think well before you converse. Listen to others speech with concentration and then reply to them.
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To conclude it is best to wait for minute before you speak something when you are frustrated or angry.

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