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You are serious about your figure and overall health. This is the reason why you are always on the lookout for the kind of exercises that help you attain great shape and good stamina. After having tried almost all exercises in the books, you are ready to take this to the next level and do something that can challenge you physically.

If it is challenge that you want, then you might as well try doing the crossfit program. This is mainly about strength and conditioning, as this was originally intended in training military, police, tactical operations teams, advanced martial artists and other athletes. The program is composed of random functional movements with high intensity. There are certain people who find these movements too intense, so you have to be prepared physically and commit to it before you sign up for anything.

The craze for this program started in 2000, the year when Greg Glassman founded the fitness company that he named Crossfit, Inc. As of today, there are more than 3000 gyms that are affiliated with it, which are situated in many countries around the globe. There are also followers who opt to do the program on their own, rather than hitting the gym, and this can be done by following the workouts that are posted on the official website of the company, which is being updated on a daily basis.

The Movements

Here are some of the common exercises and movements that are included in the program. You may want to look through the list to check if you are up to the challenges that are part of this popular exercise program.

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First, the air squat will require you to stand and change position into a squat, then back to standing. While in squat position, your hips must reach below your knees. Another movement is the so called back extension. This requires the use of a GHD machine. In this routine, your body needs to form an L shape and then move into a complete horizontal position. Your head must be placed under your pelvis while your body is forming an L shape.

Another movement that is part of the program is the burpee. You will start in standing position, and then drop on to the floor with your feet extending backward. As your chest touches the floor, you will pull your legs forward. You will then land into a squat, stand up and perform a slight jump.

This also includes the muscle-up movement. Using a gymnastics bar, you will hang from it, pull up and position your body over the bar. In the end, your arms must be in straight position and the hands placed under the hips. Using the bar, you will also be required to do a pull-up. While hanging from the bar, with your arms straight, you will pull your body up until your chin is above the bar. The routine can be done in variations

Some samples of the movements that are included in the CrossFit program include the push up, sit up, toes-to-bar, running, deadlift using a barbell or dumbbells, snatch, kettle bell swing and a lot more. All these movements require strength and commitment, and these can only be performed through the assistance of a certified trainer.

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The Importance of Your Trainer

You can easily follow instructions, so why would you still need the help of a trainer? This is actually for your own good. The company is now stricter for the followers of the program to work with certified trainers, to avoid any problems that could have been prevented in the first place. It had some troubles in the past, with people being allowed to do the routines, with the supervision of unqualified trainers, which led to injury.

The exercises are explosive and these are quite intense for your muscles. You have to understand the risks that are involved in the activities, so for your safety, it is important that you consult with a qualified trainer even if you will only be doing this at home. This way, you will be properly guided on how to perform things properly and they can also asses if you are ready for the routines or if you are healthy enough to get involved in the program.

The Benefits

The CrossFit exercise program, as intense as it is, has many benefits, hence a lot of its followers love and they can’t get enough of it. This requires you to perform non-traditional weightlifting processes and repetitive workout modes in specific time frame. The more advanced followers are given the chance to join the CrossFit games, which give you the chance to win great prizes from one of its major sponsors, which is Reebok

You are also required to post the results of your workout on the official website of the program. This will allow you to compare how you are faring against the other followers, giving you a chance to improve while in competitive mode.

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The risk of suffering from an injury is high, so you really have to do things right and do all these with the supervision of your trainer. When done properly, the exercises can help in burning calories in a short period of time. This also hones your muscles as it promotes anabolic hormones, which include HGH, testosterone and IGF-1. This helps you in terms of stability, mobility and other movements.

If you haven’t been exercising for quite a while, it is best that you try doing other exercises first and prepare your body before signing up and joining the CrossFit program.

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