Create Positive Change With Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis techniques helps to relax and control your mind and thoughts. With these techniques you replace negative thoughts with positive emotions.

Self hypnosis is powerful and an effective way to improve your quality of life. Millions of people do practice self hypnosis techniques regularly. A great way to get release your negative emotions. Start using these techniques NOW!.

Hypnosis Downloads: Frequently Asked Questions

Overcome Fears

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From elevators, spiders and birds, to heights, dentists and open spaces, there is nothing we can’t develop anxiety or phobias about. Happily, hypnosis provides an extremely effective cure for these problems as it provides the opposite of anxiety – deep relaxation – while teaching the mind a different way of responding to the feared object or situation.

Anger Management

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Anger Management will help you break out of the anger trance, stop it ruining your relationships, and damaging your health. You will gain the flexibility to remain calm and objective in the sort of situations that would have made you angry, and enable yourself to create mutually beneficial outcomes


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Dealing with Guilt will help you to determine what is within your responsibility and how to deliberately choose to let things go, stop going over and over things in your mind. Avoid being manipulated by those who use guilt on you and l improve your relationship with yourself as you establish your own standards and live up to them.


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Regular relaxation can help lift depression as part of a wider depression treatment program. ‘Coming out of depression’ is designed to help you feel positive and strong about your future as depression starts to fade from your life. Feel positive and strong about your future as depression starts to fade from your life. .


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All jealousy is caused by an over-active and misused imagination. Creating scenarios in your mind of what your partner is thinking or doing is the perfect way to torture yourself. It can be almost compulsive , it can feel impossible to keep the jealous thoughts from your mind. Dealing with Jealousy download will help you get control back over the workings of your imagination so it stops feeding you images of the worst happening. Your partner will be astounded at the new relaxed, realistic you.


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This sort of general conidtion is usually generated by an unconscious response to the ‘misuse’ of the imagination. Basically, the ‘back part’ of the mind is getting the message from the imagination that something bad is going to happen, and so creates a state of readiness in the mind and body. This can partly be due to experiences in the past, lack of an ability to tolerate uncertainty . And this is how this anxiety session works. By enabling you to enter a calm and relaxed frame of mind, the unconscious mind…


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Overcome resentment through Forgiveness.Imagine when you can think about the events in question and feel calm and even indifferent. When you truly forgive and move on you can put the past behind you and get on with life.


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The best person to envy is the person without envy because they have something really worthwhile. But we can emulate them and learn how to relax more when relating other people to ourselves. Download Overcoming Envy and change your life buy changing your attitude..

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